Going Out Backless…

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Old Navy sweater // American Eagle jeans // Rebecca Minkoff Mini Mac // Old Navy flats (my trashed going out version) // bralette // similar choker // similar earrings // highlight // large tote bag 

I snagged this tulip back sweater on one of my last days at the Nave over break. Of course it was right after I told myself I was done buying Old Navy stuff. It is just so cute! It comes in a few other colors, I think yellow, black, cream, and an orangey color I believe. We had lots of spring stuff out right before I left, so there might even be more colors now! I just wore a Gilly Hicks bralette that I got at Hollister years ago and called it a day. It’s a tad scandalous but yolo, I’m in college. My favorite ripped jeans and my trusty Rebecca Minkoff bag tied the look together. I added my black flats, the ones I only wear at night ( I have a daytime and a nighttime version of theses shoes now!) and a choker. I also highlighted the heck out of my face, but I like to glow, so oh well.

It was my first weekend back on campus and my friends and I celebrated our friend’s 21st Birthday. He just had a little kickback/ gathering at his apartment. It was nice because it was just our friend group and then we went to a party afterwards. I left the party because it was too packed and I just wasn’t feeling it — I know I’m such a  grandma, oh well.


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