What's In My Bag: Going Out Edition

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Rebecca Minkoff Mini MAC (sky color is sold out 😦 ) // Kate Spade Darla baby wallet // portable charger // Bean Boot key chain // bedazzled pepper spray // taser (I recommend a smaller sized one.. protect yourself ladies!)

Okay so first off let me address the weapon in my purse… Yes, I carry a taser when I go out at night or if I go to the library late at night and I know that I’m going to have to walk majority of the way home alone. I carry one for safety; over Sibs Weekend alone, there were three documented rapes and I don’t want to be a part of that statistic. That’s scary and I would rather be safe than sorry! I also have pepper spray too, but that’s always on my keys. Okay scary part out of the way, so 8 times out of 10 I carry my Rebecca Minkoff Mini MAC when I go out. It’s been pretty trusty and I definitely plan on investing in another color. I do have to say it has some roughed up spots in some areas, but I do carry it a lot. It’s super versatile and the blue color is so light its basically a neutral.

I always have my keys and my baby wallet! If I’m carrying a clutch or smaller bag, I’ll switch to a cardholder but usually it’s the baby wallet (FYI I’ve just decided to refer to it as the baby wallet from now on haha). I’m not going to lie that little Bean Boot is really cute but it can definitely be annoying shoving your keys in your bag if you’re in a hurry! Aside form these essentials, I carry hand sanitizer because these bars do not keep up with their soap supply! I pretty much have chapstick and hand sanitizer in every bag though. Actually come to thank of it, I don’t even think I emptied out the front pocket of this bag (oops). It usually just has my lip product of the moment, chapstick, lady products, and mints, nothing too special. I don’t always carry a snack but I hate spending money here, I die a little every time I have to buy food when I’m out, so I try to throw in a little snack just in case I get hungry! A HUGE must have is a portable charger and/ or plug. I have probably run into a good 10 people with dead phones this school year, lost and separated from their friends.. Thats tragic and I never want to be in that position.

That’s pretty much everything I carry on a typical night out! Also make sure you share your location with your friends just in case you guys ever get separated (especially if you have friends that wonder off haha!) Thanks for reading!!


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