Getting Involved in College

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I think being involved with campus activities, clubs and organizations can make or break your college experience. I know of people at other schools who aren’t really involved in clubs or orgs and are not having the best college experience possible. It’s important to get out and do something you love and are passionate about or learn something new.

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2016 Philly Trip

Read about my experience to Urban Outfitter’s HQ here


I was on the Model Committee for the fashion show and was in charge of recruiting models. This is the flyer I made!


Fashion Associates

Sooo first off, I’d like to say that I am officially a member of the Executive Board for FA!! It’s so cool to be a part of the bigger picture of a club. So FA is a student run fashion club, most members are retail majors or minors, but it’s open to everyone. Each year FA takes a networking trip and hosts a fashion shower during Mom’s Weekend. Read about my Mom’s Weekend festivities hereThis year we went to Philly and visited Urban Outfitters Headquarters and that was one of the coolest things I have ever done. Read about Urban Outfitters here!

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Jenny Hall-Jones, the Dean of Students and I were twining at the Pageant!

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Black Student Cultural Programming Board


I love BSCPB! This org puts on the big multi-cultural events on campus. I have met soo many great people, especially other black people. I have learned professionalism and how to balance the different moving parts in my life better (well kind of, seeing as though I missed Wednesday’s post 😦 )

I am only a part of the BSCPB’s general body, but this past year I was on the Special Events Committee. I helped with decorations and some of the final details of set-up for the Blackburn-Spencer Scholarship Pageant, those pictures are above. I just ended up wearing my junior year prom dress.


Akt Like A Nupe stroll competition

post here

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OU Alpha Phi Alpha Phi Chapter probate 2016

So the purpose behind the two pictures above is to see and do something you’ve never done before. Akt Like A Nupe was really big for me because I NEVER dance, let alone in front of people. And before college, I had never gone to a greek probate, and now I won’t miss one! The emotion that is in that room when new members are reviled is something I can’t begin to describe. I went to a Kappa probate last weekend and may or may not have shed a tear! So go see something new and go do something new.


Other + Future Involvement 

Sororities – I definitely am interested in being a part of one. I think it’s a great bond to be able to have with other women for years to come. It’s a great way to build lasting relationships and to network as well. I think it’s great to see my dad still hanging out with his brothers to this day! Right now it’s a great motivation to me for me to continue to stay in good academic standing.

Honor Society – I would love to be apart of an honor society, in particular Phi Upsilon Omicron, which is an honor society specifically for human and consumer science majors.  I have to wait a bit, because I need a total of 36 credit hours completed, but it’s on my list!

Studying Abroad – Many people who have studied abroad countless times have expressed to do it whenever the opportunity is offered. I love to travel and it would be amazing to be able to see the world sooner rather than later. Plus I am trying to earn an International Business Certificate which I’m pretty sure includes going abroad for a few weeks.

Campus Reps – I recently applied to be a campus rep for a retail company. It was kind of random but I think it would be a great experience and something fun to add to my resume!

If you made it to the end, congrats! And thanks for reading. The point of all of this is to get off your butt and get involved, you won’t regret it. I have met so many great people from these different experiences.

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