Casual Weekend Outfit + All About My Major

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TOP: Old Navy | DENIM: Hollister | BAG: Old Navy, similar clutch | SHOES: Jack Rogers | WATCH: Kate Spade | SUNNIES: Bluetique, similar here

So I live in these tees! I love them so much. They’re isn’t too much to this outfit, but I definitely live in this during the school year and the summer. These jeans are so worn in that I’m starting to get a hole in one of the knees, so jeans are definitely on my summer wishlist!

I also love this tote! I find that I gravitate towards larger bags with more room so I can tote around all of my stuff, but it’s nice to have a little wristlet or something that I can take out for quicker errands!

Now for the fun part, all about my major!! So as many of you know, I go to Ohio University and am majoring in Retail Merchandising and Product Development (RFPD for short) and am minoring in both Business Administration and Marketing. I also plan to work towards an International Business Certificate as well. I wanted to use this post to talk a little about what my major is and the classes I’ve taken so far.


So basically retail merchandising is the business side of fashion. I’ve always loved fashion but never really the designing part of it, but I still wanted to be a part of the creativity that’s behind the fashion industry. So with my major there are literally a million different things you can do once you graduate: visual merchandising, buying, general/store manager, stylist, merchandise coordinator, blogger, the list goes on. This is such a positive because the possibilities are basically endless for me when it comes to careers and there are even more choices with my minors too!

At OU, you take tons of rfpd classes, consumer science classes and anything else that has to do with the retail world and then later on in the curriculum retail majors are supposed to do an internship, but I also kind of want to do one next summer as well, just for more experience.

Business Minor

I just wanted to add a business minor to make myself more well rounded for job opportunities and future career endeavors. I also figured that since my major focuses on the business side of fashion, that I would get more business experience and classes under my belt.

Marketing Minor

A long time ago, when I was originally trying to figure out what I wanted to do, I was looking at marketing as a major. Marketing still kind of interests me because it’s kind of it’s own world. There’s so much to learn, and again, it makes me more well rounded when it comes to jobs.

International Business Certificate

My dad use to and still kind off travels a lot for work; he’s been to Germany and India, twice, and that’s just outside of the country. I love to travel and was lucky enough to travel a lot when I was younger, so seeing him to get to explore the world seems like so much fun. Completing this certificate will be a great experience to have under my belt and an additional achievement and it also means I get to study abroad! It also would give me an upper hand if I was to ever do business outside of the US.

Thanks for reading friends!! Until next time!



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