Why College is Better Than High School

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Hi guys!! I know it’s been awhile but exams are over and so is school! I’m back in Cincinnati for the summer and ready to get the ball rolling on Cincinnati Sass, work and having fun. So, without further adieu, my reasons for why college is a million times better than high school.

Personal Quality

Honestly, college has made me a much better person! I mean I wasn’t a bad person by any means, it just made me mellow out, and really put real things that matter in perspective, high school is the complete opposite.

WAY Less Drama

College is great because very rarely do you deal with petty drama. My high school seemed to have been filled with very bitter people, and OU is the complete opposite. People are more mature and worried about their own lives (THANK GOD!!)

Real Friends

Yeah, you make friends in high school, and I still talk to my close friends, but half of the people I said hi to in the hallways or was cordial to, I don’t talk to or even think about now. But, in a matter of months I have made some great friends that I actually have stuff in common with. I actually feel like I fit in with people, unlike high school.

Independence + Confidence

I feel better in my own skin and am happy with my life and how things are. College has taught me to be more independent, which I’ll need for the future.

Thanks for reading!!


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